St Thomas More High School

Staff List

Strategic Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs G Ackred
Deputy Headteacher: Mr P Maxfield
Deputy Headteacher: Mr M Hardiman
Director of Learning i/c Behaviour & Safety: Mr G Mason
Director of Teaching & Learning: Mr J Hollingsworth
Director of Learning i/c Sixth Form: Ms E Corr
Director of Finance & Operations: Mrs M Westpfel


Head: Mr R Kabarowski (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 7)
Miss K Barlow

Business Studies

Head: Mrs A Lindsay (Pupil Progress Mentor for Disadvantaged Students)
Miss L Myhill
Miss D McCague (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 12)

Design & Technology

Head: R Leamy
Mrs S Napper (Enrichment Co-ordinator)
Mr S Griffin

English, Media Studies & Sociology

Head: Mrs D Cotgrove
2nd in dept: Mr G Dooley (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 9)
Mr P Standing
Mrs F Lewis
Mrs L Tuskin
Mr D Jenkins (Teaching & Learning Leader)
Mrs R Caten
Mr S Emmerson (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 13)
Mrs C Kadwill (Pupil Progress Mentor for More Able Students)
Mr J Robinson
Dr H Turner
Ms C Greene
Mr L Walker
Miss L Donoghue
Mrs Z Reynolds

Geography & Geology

Head: Mrs R Shane
Mr G Mason
Mr M Hardiman
Mr G West
Mr J Hollingsworth
Mrs C Davison
Miss G Vanhinsbergh


Head: Mr C Daly
Mrs K Downey
Ms J Wilkes
Mr D Smith

Computer Science

Head: Mr J Marshall (i/c Whole School ICT Development)
Mrs S Chell


Head: Mr L Barrett (KS3 ICT Coordinator)
Mrs M Cannon


Head: Ms E Clarke
2nd in dept: Mrs S Wilson / Mr L Bowdery
Mr M Lonergan
Mr J Vitone
Mr J O'Connell
Mr D Adetula
Miss A Stephenson
Mr J Nutman
Dr M Arnold

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Spanish: Miss R Garcia Rey 
Mrs C Williams
Mr J Pereira


Ms V Rattenbury

PSHE & Citizenship

Miss D McCague


Head: Miss J Osborne
Ms E Corr

Physical Education

Head: Mr S Bass (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 11)
Mr G Lettieri
Mr N Spillett (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 8)
Mr E Kearney (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 12)
Mr J Prentice
Mr J Lunn
Mr L Sheridan

Religious Education

Head: Mr P Griffin
Mr P Maxfield
Mrs L Mason
Mr J Nutman
Mrs S McKenna


Head: Mr S Clunn
Miss A Pierce (Head of Physics)
Mrs A Hardiman (Curriculum Development Leader)
Mrs B Summers
Mr A Ackred (Pupil Progress Mentor Yr 10)
Ms K Collard
Mr S Jones (Head of Biology & STEM co-ordinator)
Mrs E Jones (Head of Chemistry)
Mr P Maxfield
Mr A Tyerman
Mrs C Spillett
Miss J Rose
Mr J Lunn


Mr C Berry - School Business Manager
Miss N Parr - Headteacher’s PA / Clerk to Governors
Ms K Norton - Cover Manager & Exams Officer
Mrs A Newman - Personnel Officer
Mrs K Weir- Administration Assistant
Mrs S Burry - Administration Assistant
Mrs T Saunders - Admissions Secretary
Mrs J Smith - Curriculum Data Manager
Mrs K Snares – Receptionist
Mrs G Stiff - Receptionist
Mrs A Poole - Reprographics Assistant
Mrs A Webb - Finance Assistant
Mrs C Rodger - Finance Assistant

Design & Technology Technicians

Mr P Groom
Mrs B Pacey
Mrs C Butterfield

ICT Technical

Mr R Shorten - ICT Manager
Mr J Pacey - Assistant ICT Manager
Mr M Staines - ICT Technician

Learning Support

SENCO: Miss V Rattenbury
Inclusion Leader: Mrs S Stockley

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs D Bishop
Mrs F Gayner
Mrs N Jones
Mrs J Keville
Ms S Reames
Mrs L Lane
Miss D Tandy

Pupil Support

Mrs M Walford - Pupil & Community Support Officer
Mr T Harding - Pupil Support Mentor (KS3 & KS4)
Mrs J Hudson - Pupil Support Mentor (KS5)
Mrs J Merenda - School Counsellor

Science Technicians

Miss A Spencer
Mrs L Standing


Mrs A Courtney


Mrs F Jones

Cover Supervisor

Mr S Groth

Site Team

Mr K Seaby - Site Manager
Mr B Micklewright
Mr C Brown
Mrs C Micklewright