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Year 7 Bikeability Timetable 2019

St Thomas More High School will be offering Bikeability Training to all of year 7 students again this year. This scheme has been running successfully for a number of years in our local primary schools and our records show that the majority of students in year 7 have already participated in the scheme whilst at primary school.

The scheme is designed to encourage our students to become safe, independent travellers’ and compliments our schools Healthy Schools Initiative which we have been awarded from the Local Authority.

Year 7 Students will have the opportunity to take one level of cycle training depending on what previous level has been achieved. Learn to Ride:- 2 hours of training, Level 1:- 2 hours of training, Level 2:- 8 hours of training or Level 3:- 4 hours of training. These sessions will take place during school time throughout January/February 2019.

During the course students will need:

1. A bike that is of the correct size and is roadworthy (refer to the M.check leaflet)
2. A cycle helmet, that fits. (refer to the helmet leaflet)
3. The right clothes and footwear for riding a bike outdoors and the weather conditions on the day. (Possibly gloves).

If you have any issues with anything at all please let the office know immediately and we will help where we can.

 There will be a small charge of £5 which will contribute towards the training and The Big Bike Ride in summer, when most of the year group will cycle along the seafront to Shoebury East Beach for a picnic as an enrichment activity. We would ask you to make this initial payment using The School Gateway by Friday 11th January 2019.

There will be a small number of bikes and helmets available to borrow, but only by prior arrangement. This is not ideal as it will delay the start of lessons. Children will benefit most from riding their own bikes and being able to practice at home between sessions.

To download the Year 7 Bikeability Timetable, please click here.


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