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6th Form Open Evening - Feedback from visitors

Following last Thursday’s Sixth Form Open evening, I was delighted to receive a number of emails from families who attended and were impressed with the staff, students and atmosphere here at St Thomas More. See below for a sample of some of the comments:

“I was completely blown away by the evening”

“We were impressed with the STM offer for KS5. It was good to see the new subject areas being explored.”

“The dynamic in the VI form was truly electric, engaged and vibrant.”

“We met a number of year 12 students, new to STM. All those we spoke to, gave reasons why they had chosen STM and why this was a good choice for them.”

“….the students and your staff group did you proud – the welcome; the knowledge and enthusiasm for the school and their subjects; and the way they interacted with us as visitors.”

“you primarily spoke to the students; explained that they would be role models for the younger pupils in the school; encouraged them to think about leadership; talked about service and social justice; and finally made it very clear that the standards at your school are high, but motivated them to think about working hard so that they have choice going forward.”

“I came away from the evening with hope……. I was delighted to hear your head girl state she wanted to study social policy! Saint Thomas More is a breath of fresh air.”

Mrs Ackred, Headteacher


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