Year 7 Globe Theatre Trip

All of Year 7 visited the Globe Theatre in London on Monday 2nd October.  It was a great day with students participating in a personalised tour of the Globe, followed by a drama workshop that focused specifically on our GCSE text, Macbeth.  After lunch by the river, we spent some time in the Globe Exhibition situated next door.  The behaviour and participation of the students throughout the day was impeccable and commented on by many staff members at the theatre. We all felt very proud of the boys. Mrs Tuskin.

Year 12 Retreat

 We were pleased to welcome the Diocesan Youth Team from Walsingham House into school today.  They led our Year 12 students in a one day retreat which is part of the Sixth Form Induction Programme.  A photograph of the team, below:

Spanish Theatre Event: Years 7 & 8

These two year groups were highly entertained by our visiting group on Tuesday as they watched the ‘Viva España’ show. We saw juggling, unicycle riding, robotic dancing, balancing all performed in Spanish which helped our KS3 with their learning and appreciation of the Spanish language.

Many thanks  to our volunteers who participated on stage.


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