Battlefields Trip - December 2014

23 students and 3 members of staff have just returned from a very informative and reflecting trip to the graves and trenches of WWI. On this trip we visited many of the commonwealth war graves, and a German Cemetery. Here we really gained a sense of the scale of the number of soldiers that died during this conflict.

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Every year a number of the staff take part in this fundraising event. For the month of November they have grown moustaches to highlight the growing concern over men's health issues. In an all boys' school we feel this an important, and rather funny, way to get everyone thinking about serious issues.

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Spotlight - Art & Film

James Ravinet


After finishing his A-levels in 2009 James undertook a foundation course in Fine Art at the Byam Shaw school of Art in North London. Between 2010-13 James went on to study at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design where he achieved a 1st Class Honours in BA Fine Art. Since then, James has joined an artist-run studio/gallery in Southend called Temporary Art Projects from where he had his own studio. During this time he has helped run art exhibitions, meeting fellow artists and participating in numerous art projects. He also took part in exhibitions across London and the South East in this time. In October 2014 James began a 2 year Masters programme in Moving Image at the Royal College of Art, specialising in Film and Video.

Well done James, we look forward to hearing more of your progress in the near future!


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