St Thomas More High School

Foundation Governor Vacancy

The Role of Foundation Governors

The role of the governing body is crucial to the preservation and development of the Catholic character of the Church’s schools. Foundation Governors on our school governing body enable us to fulfil our mission as a Catholic School. This is why encouraging practising Catholics to become Foundation Governors is so important.

What do Foundation Governors do?

  • The Trustees of Catholic schools have the legal right to appoint a majority of Foundation Governors to the governing body. This ensures that the school is managed in line with the Bishop’s education policies
  • Promote high standards of educational attainment
  • Set targets for pupil achievement
  • Manage the schools budget, including deciding how many staff work there and their pay
  • The governing body is responsible for the schools secular and religious curriculum thus ensuring all subjects of the National Curriculum are informed by Catholic teachings, reporting on pupils' achievement and end of key stage examination results. Dioceses also have the right to inspect religious education and the Catholic character of the school.
  • The governing body of Catholic schools appoint and employ their own teachers. Draw up an action plan after an inspection by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED).
  • The governing body of Catholic schools oversee admissions to the school.In today’s fast pace society, time is one of our most precious attributes. So for many, sacrificing their time is the greatest gift they can give, and to do that for our Church should be recognised with the upmost sincerity.If as a parent and parishioner you would be able to donate your time to the church, perhaps explore with your Parish Priest the idea of becoming a Foundation Governor. Not only does this provide people with an effective way to live out their faith but is also an essential service for the preservation of one of the Catholic Church’s most important missions. Please contact Mrs Ackred at the school via the email address of Miss N Parr, Assistant to the Clerk to the Governors, for more information.

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